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Here are the final bid amounts This has been a great auction and we look forward to seeing the young talent that will come from this auction.


Artemas GA (JJ Bellagio x Duchess of Marwan)------$1000
Brontes FM (Da Vinci FM x Goddess of Marwan)----$1000
EB Jamal (Hasman GYO x EB Sury)----$2000 Frozen Only
Enotri EEA (Shanghai x Enjoi E)----$1100 Frozen Only
*El Tino (DA Valentino x Imprimista CF)----$3300
Hercules EA Excalibur EA x Electra EA)----$1100
Kalif SWF (WH Justice x Focus Vejora)----$1000
Kavalle MI (Gazal Al Shaqab x Karess)----$1000
PA Hi-Noon (Magnum Psyche x MA Unique)----$1000
Prince Michael MPE (WH Justice x Thee Rahiba)----$1000
Royal T Phorte (Eden c x Piannisima)----$1000
Thank you all for your support of Silver Sire. All of the funds raised go back into the program.Thank you all for your calls and texts. The Silver Sire program continues to grow because of supporters like you!

Robert & Paull


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