The West’s Oldest Amateur Futurity

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get in the auction classes?

Purchase a breeding at the auction which gets you into the auction classes or donate a stallion to the auction. If your donated breeding sells you will receive a "right to show" any yearling sired by your stallion the following year.

I donated a stallion to the auction that sold. Now what do I do?

You will receive a transferable "right to show" that allows you to choose any yearling sired by your stallion to show the year after the auction. Simply include your "right to show" certificate with your entry and you are eligible for the auction classes.

Are "Rights to Show" transferable?

Yes, purchasers can transfer the right during the breeding year after the auction and stallion owners can transfer their right to any foal sired by their stallion.

Who can show in the Open classes?

Any purebred mare bred to a purebred Arabian stallion is eligible to be nominated. The resultant foal is eligible to show in the open classes.

Do I owe renomination fees?

Never, Silver Sire Breeders only has a one time fee of $165 to nominate your mare.

How do I donate a stallion to the program?

Simply complete and return a stallion donation form. If the stallion fits the designate criteria there is no cost. If not, there is a one-time $500 fee.

How do I purchase a breeding?

Go to at any time during the auction (usually commencing 30 days before the yearly Silver Sire show) and place your bid on the web site. Follow the directions on bidding. You can bid a maximum bid or bid as often as you like until the cutoff.

I nominated my mare and she lost her foal?

Provide a letter from your vet and a request in writing to SSB stating that your mare lost her foal. You will get a following year credit that can be used for the same mare or can be transferred to another mare.

I purchased a breeding at the auction and my mare lost the foal. What are my options?

You can contact the stallion owner and request a rebreed that will include all of the related fees from the stallion owner. Stallion owners are not required to honor a breeding other than the breeding they donated for the designated breeding season. SSB does not carry forward the "right to show" if this occurs.

How do I remove my stallion from the program?

You must notify SSB prior to March 1st of the auction year to remove or we will continue to advertise for the stallion. SSB and the stallion owner reserves the right to remove the stallion from the auction any time prior to the auction being closed.

Please feel free to contact any board member with any question you may have. If you need immediate assistance for any reason, President Paul Richied may be reached at 775.741.0601