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Silver Sire Breeders, Inc. is proud to offer payment by Visa and Master Card

The 2022 Silver Sire Futurity show will be held on September 17. Please go to our Stallions Page to view the stallions participating in our 2022 auction. Bidding is currently open.  Go to to bid.


Mare nomination forms can be accessed here.

We are so pleased to once again support Regional shows by sponsoring a yearling filly and colt/gelding class at both Region 4 and Region 3. Each winner will receive a check for $500 and each second place horse in the class will receive a check for $250. Any filly or colt is invited to enter the class and if the winner is the product of a nominatesd mare, they receive an additional $500!

Enter the Silver Sire sponsored class at Region 3, August 28 thru September 3 for your chance to win. For more information, please contact Paul Richied.

Let the Computer do the work!
How to use Limit bids

Placing a limit bid is easy, and once you learn what a limit bid is, you will want to use the auction anything software to keep track of all your bidding. A limit bid is simply an instruction to the computer to automatically bid for you. For example, say you want to bid on *Bask, who doesn’t have any bids yet. You don’t want to pay more than $5,000 for that breeding. Place a limit bid of $5,000. The computer will show that *Bask has a bid of $1,000. If another bidder places a bid of $1,100, the computer will instantly up your bid to $1,200. The computer will keep bidding for you until the bidding reaches $5,000. The computer will never bid more than you have limited your bid to, and you won’t spend any more of your money than you need to spend to get that coveted breeding!

Placing a limit bid is easy:

   • log in to
   • go to the bid page for the stallion whose breeding you want to purchase
   • enter the top dollar you are willing to pay for that breeding, and choose ”LIMIT      BID.”

You are all set!

Call us if you have any questions at 775 741 0601

The West’s Oldest Amateur Futurity

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